Our line of family board games is expressly designed to involve all players in a fun, educational and training activity.
Younger and less experienced players will challenge themselves with easy-to-understand and challenging rules, while adults and more experienced players will find classic game mechanics, made intuitive and fun.
All of our games are inspired by everyday themes and are always treated in a fun way. The graphics are captivating, but also designed for the little ones: attention to colors and contrasts, the use of visual suggestions and a marked independence from the language are just some of the main features of our line of family games.
We have chosen a selection of Italian illustrators to give the line an immediate stylistic recognition and a marked graphic coherence.
To minimize the environmental impact, we carefully select raw materials and suppliers:
we use recycled and recyclable materials and water-based inks. All our games are tested and safe in every component.
What are you waiting to discover them?